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New ways to connect

We have been working hard to connect with teachers to share news and information about our fieldwork and in-school programs. Additionally, in our roles, we often come across great resources that we would love to share with you.... Read more

Wattamolla Fall

Beneath Our Feet - Stage 2 fieldwork high in demand.

Our Stage 2 Science Beneath Our Feet program is high in demand. The fieldwork addresses Stage 2 Science outcomes including Earth & Space ST2-8ES. and Working Scientifically ST2-4WS It compliments the Beneath Our Feet... Read more

students using binocs

Whales peak season

Year 10 Geography studying Oceans shared a season treat. The peak number of whales for their fieldwork experience was over 100 humpbacks. Whilst walking between Bundeena south to Wedding Cake Rock students were able to view... Read more

To foster in students an appreciation of the environment, their relationship with it and their responsibility for its future