Connected Learning

Students at IWB
Video Conference Programs

Our school connect with schools across the NSW DoE community. Through the connected classroom facility we deliver a range of interactive programs. Some of the experiences provided include: Easter Bilby, Royal National Park and Sustainability Storytime.

  • Pre excursion VC - this is especially useful for classes that include students with special needs as a means of orientating the students.
  • Post excursion VC's to follow up student questions and for the class to relay  to EEC staff their experience and subsequent research.
  • Fieldwork postponed due to adverse weather conditions staff from the EEC may be available for a 20-30 minute session discussing the route,sharing images of the area, giving an overview of the program and answering student questions.
  •  Sustainability workshops - school designed for classes, enviro groups and SRC's
  • Special programs - e.g. pre and post Sustainability Camp, post SLIPs.

Book into a VC program. See individual programs for details

Bin Busters

Book Week

Easter Bilby ES1 & S1


Virtual Veggies Stage 2

Rotten Science

Worm Organics

For registrations Tuesday-Friday via Dart Connections