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Last updated 3:54 PM on 27 April 2017

tree stumpleaf on wooden step



We're very excited to offer a new incursion - Nature Photography. The Stage 3 program focuses on Visual Arts. We've received very positive feedback from students and teachers throughout our trial of the program, and have been overwhelmed by the quality of the images produced by students! Please visit our Nature Photography Gallery to be inspired by student photographers.

Students will learn photography theory and then apply what they have learnt to taking photographs of nature in their school grounds.

Students will be inspired by a PowerPoint presentation showcasing photographs taken by primary students. Then they will work in pairs to complete a ‘scavenger hunt' of photos around their school grounds. Back in the classroom, they will critically reflect on their images and select one photo to share with the class. Students will have an opportunity to share their opinions of photographs.

A teacher from the Royal National Park Environmental Education Centre will come to your school to facilitate this program. We will provide 15 iPads.

For more detail please download the Nature Photography brochure (pdf 589 KB)