News  » Stage 3 Geography Excursion - Factors that Shape Places

Last updated 2:50 PM on 23 August 2017

We are excited to offer a new excursion for Stage 3 Geography at Wattamolla - Factors that Shape Places. The excursion focuses on the inquiry question:

What is the impact of increased visitation at Wattamolla?

Students use the geographical inquiry process and tools to investigate Wattamolla and consider the impact of increased visitation. They participate in a geocache (GPS scavenger hunt) to identify human features. They measure weather conditions and complete a field sketch to consider What is there? and survey litter to consider Why care? For the culminating activity on the beach students work in small groups to model their plan for Wattamolla.

Feedback on the excursion has been very positive. One teacher commented:

We heard many a time that it was the best excursion they had been on. I would agree! It was very focussed on the skills which we were unable to provide them with at school. They loved using the GPS and I know they are more conscious about rubbish in the playground.

The Factors that Shape Places brochure has all the details.

From $7 per student.